Shcaa: when I think of deep house

STL’s Birdart pops into my mind

Shcaa touches the minimal or microhouse genres with a subtle deep ingredient, which can be tasted with his releases on Archipel or Chic Marionnette

Lars Behrenroth ( when I think of deep house

Marvin Belton’s Bleed To Be Free pops into my mind

Lars is running the uber deep Deeper Shades label / website / radio show and has released on Freerange, Sonar Kollektiv or Liebe*Detail

Pit Spector: when I think of deep house

Ark’s Baibe pops into my mind

Pit Spector reshapes Paris’ underground since 2006 with his mystery enveloped microhouse released on Minibar or Rose et Rosée

Samuel Andre Madsen: when I think of deep house

Glenn Underground’s Storm Raiders (Tribute To Larry Heard) pops into my mind

Samuel Andre Madsen crafts his textured deep house filled up with raw basslines on Tartelet Records or Courtesy Of Balance Recordings

Matei Tulbure: when I think of deep house

Rick Wade’s Long Walk pops into my mind

Matei Tulbure releases his signature subtle deep house under his own name and as part of TC Studio on Archipel, All Inn Black, Neostrictly or TC Studio