Introspections with Fif & RX [Croisiere Musique]

Lots of unreleased material combined with their signature Croisiere Musique sound along with some deep house classics to form a minimal house Introspection with a strong parisian flavor: this is Fif & RX from Croisiere Musique

Posh: when I think of deep house

Brett Johnson’s A Sigh Of Relief pops into my mind

Posh is a mysterious producer coming from Romania, with a lot of sounds to offer via obscure analogue communication channels

Lilith’s Vinyl Only Session - Live On Half Is Enough’s Stream

Lilith will spin some wax starting from 18:00 CET and we are there to live stream for about 60 minutes! Don’t miss it, just press the PLAY button when the time comes ;)

Click here for the stream and enjoy some fine ass Friday evening music ;)

Tristen: when I think of deep house

Fred P’s Soul Life Connection pops into my mind. I really like him as a DJ and his productions are deep as hell. You should check his own label Soul People Music.

And of course Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers with his label Alleviated is the next what who comes into my mind.

Tristen runs the magical vinyl only Aim, based in Berlin and featuring artists like Christopher Rau, Moomin, Oskar Offermann or himself

Introspections with Tolga Fidan

Tolga Fidan's 30 minutes live jam adds a deeper side of techno to our Introspections series: raw basslines that build up yet to be released tracks, experimenting with our emotions and giving us a glimpse into Tolga Fidan' musical inner universe. An universe expressed also on his various Vakant productions.

Tolga Fidan will perform live at Sunwaves Festival: 15.08 - 17.08 - Romania