Vera: when I think of deep house

I’m between one of the following

A recent release of Orlando Voorn on Housewax that makes my heart melt

A classic on main street that is very epic and pure deep house

Or maybe an unpopular deep house track on Nite Grooves that kept coming into my mind since I bought it and pretty much catches the vibe of real deep house: Orchestra Dub

Deeply connected in the the house & techno culture of the early 90’s, Vera has this incredible ability of digging out records that amazed me with just another deeper side of electronic music I wasn’t aware about. She released on Perlon, Hello? Repeat or Oslo

Arcarsenal: when we think of deep house

Mr Fingers’ Closer pops into our minds. Mr Fingers as the true originator of deep house can’t be mistaken. Closer is one of the most delicate and beautiful tune he created.

Arcarsenal melt their french romanticism into the german strictness to deliver true deep gems on Bass Cadet Records and This Is Not Happening

Dawidu (Te Iubesc Records): when I think of deep house

Parallax Beat Brothers’ (Pete Lockett + Scanner) Exhalation (DJ Sprinkles’ Deep Breath Mix) pops into my mind

Dawidu runs the magical Te Iubesc record store in Paris and also owns Te Iubesc Records

Introspections with The Legendary 1979 Orchestra

Andrei, the artist behind The Legendary 1979 Orchestra and the Legendary Sound Research opened his musical soul with a 1 hour trip into his cosmic disco sound (for our Introspections series) and revealed his passion for jazz, funk, hip hop, all pressed on the precious vinyl.


Your favourite jazz piece

There are so many! Top of my head right now would be: Johnny Hammond - Tell What To Do

The most valuable non electronic record from your collection

I think that would be Harold Vick - Don’t Look Back on Strata-East, a really funky jazz LP

Your most played hip hop artist

Definitely MF DOOM.

Your inspiration producer when it comes to house music

Mmm I have many here, but let’s say Mad Mike today.

Best record store for crate digging

The most consistent store I go to regularly is Redlight Records in Amsterdam. Always new (old) stock, great music and good pricing! The most fun is at the Utrecht Record fair though, twice a year all the big sellers from around Europe come to one place.

Bass Cadet Records: the deepest track

from our crates is Jenifa Mayanja’s Time Waits For No-one (Black Jazz Consortium Refab Mix)Fred P is a master of deepness and Jenifa Mayanja one of the most underrated producer in the deep camp. Fred P’s re-interpretation is a great broken but flowing beat to dance lasciviously to.

Berlin’s Bass Cadet Recordstore is a cool stop for any vinyl junkie out there. Deepness is one of their staple