Audio Werner: when I think of deep house

The MK Dub version of Chez Damier’s Can You Feel It pops into my mind

It has been inspiring to me since I listen​ed​ to it for the first time in the early nineties ​at​ a warehouse​ ​party.

Audio Werner's signature deep house x jazzy smiles sound gets released on Hartchef Discos, Finest Hour Recordings, Perlon or Story

Tolga Fidan: when I think of deep house

Fingers Inc’s A Path (Club Mix) pops into my mind

Istanbul’s Tolga Fidan adds some really deep cuts for Vakant, Eklo or Cadenza catalogs for quite a few years

Luke Solomon: when I think of deep house

The Innocent’s Theme From Blue Cucaracha pops into my mind

Luke Solomon reshapes the British house underground under different cool aliases for more than 15 years already. He runs the  seminal Classic Music Company with Derrick Carter

Introspections with Fif & RX [Croisiere Musique]

Lots of unreleased material combined with their signature Croisiere Musique sound along with some deep house classics to form a minimal house Introspection with a strong parisian flavor: this is Fif & RX from Croisiere Musique

Posh: when I think of deep house

Brett Johnson’s A Sigh Of Relief pops into my mind

Posh is a mysterious producer coming from Romania, with a lot of sounds to offer via obscure analogue communication channels