There’s plenty of sunshine in Moscow’s thriving electronic underground, in forms of light deep house, bearing a bit of progressive legacy. Be it on Shanti Radio Moscow or at the record label sharing the same name, for more than 10 years Gorje Hewek & Izhevski are the driving force behind this particular sound that tends to stick really tight to your emotions.

“We met each other more than 10 years ago in Moscow during the musical project we curated together. Then we played together for almost three years at the same brand parties. This period allowed us to learn more about each other and find a lot in common in musical tastes and sights.”

The radio project was an idea nested inside their creative minds for a couple of years, an idea that has extended into a record label in 2014. “Shanti Music Records has its own specific philosophy and it is a living organism with a full range of feelings. Spiritual music about balance, inspiration, tranquility, harmony. And of course, peace, love and beautiful.” The record label has since featured artists like Mathew Dekay, Volen Sentir or Lost Desert.

As organically as the radio and label grew, so did their relationship with All Day I Dream, the record label & event series imagined by Lee Burridge and Mathew Dekay. “We met Lee and Matthew in Moscow, and by that time they had already known about our music. And we were in love with the atmosphere and image of everything “All Day I Dream” stands for. A little later, “Calinerie” became a significant bond for our subsequent creative union and warm friendship.”

Gorje Hewek & Izhevski are no strangers to Bucharest’s unique clubbing scene, a scene that definitely stands out and has its own character, as they said it. They were the special guests for Deep In The Grass, on the 15th of November (World Trade Center), an event fueled by BURN Energy This party is invitation-only, you can get your own with a click here

Gorje Hewek & Izhevski were kind enough to select three perfect tracks for a late summer afternoon party. Enjoy!