If you’ve ended up on this website you’re probably in love with what we call warm loopy house, mastered by a bunch of DJs and producers burried under racks and racks of analog gear, somewhere in South East Europe (yeah, we talk about Romania and the so wrongly named romanian techno trend).

Yet, some other place on this tiny planet had the perfect fertile soil to give birth to this house & techno underground phenomenon, where the world wars were invented, where expensive cars became a proof of your social status, where people eat wurst and dress up in funny Spielhosen: Germany!

As serious as it may seem, Berlin breathes good electronic music through every sewage hole. And its influence stretched in almost every corner of our old continent, including Romania.


Among others, Berlin based Cabinet Records plays an important role, starting from its first release, 22 years ago, to these days. So we sat down and put their backcatalog under the magnifying glass to list the tracks that define the excellent sound of Cabinet Records, a must have playlist for any serious electronic music afficionado.

Compass – Gliding [CAB002 – 1995]


Cab Drivers – Traffic Light [CAB005 – 1996]


Horseshoe ‎– Vibra [CAB006 – 1996]


Cab Drivers – Elwico [CAB007 – 1997]


Cab Drivers – Affect [CAB010 – 1997]


Borgman – Jazzfade (Cab Drivers Remix) [CAB012 – 1998]


The Poor Knight – Swing ‘N’ Swung [CAB013 – 1999]


Honeydrop – Yellow Sunglasses [CAB018 – 2000]


Daniel Paul – This Is…. [CAB021 – 2003]


DJ Ghe — Ahoi (Cab Drivers Remix Express) [CAB032 – 2012]


Honesty & Daniel Paul ‎– Atrium (Konstantin Sibold Dub) [CAB035 – 2013]


Audio Werner & Daniel Paul – Gemüt [CAB039 – 2014]


Noha – Cables [CAB040 – 2015]


Tommy Vicari Jnr. Pres. 76-79 – 57 Hertz (Dj Honesty Remix) [CAB043 – 2015]