Music from Romania’s electronic undegrounds has served in the past years as a gateway for those who got hooked on what this magical land has to offer. Inventors who changed the world, mythical landscapes, unique food: this list could expand in a myriad of examples.

De Pe La Noi series is all about Romania: music, food, places, people. We invite some of our favourite Romanian artists to build a Romanian only productions mix, while also giving us some really cool insights about Romania.

Hailing from Ploiești, Prahova, Andu Simion expresses his creative mana through music and photography. Just check his releases on Atipic or Polen and scroll through his instagram account for some visual deli’s.

Back to our series, enjoy Andu’s take on Romania’s praised underground and check the short interview below ;)


The place you’d move for your whole life
Delta Dunării


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The graphic artist you like the most
Andrei Robu


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The figure who encompasses the Romanian spirit
Justin Capră

The Romanian album / artist / label you’ve listened over and over again
Petre Inspirescu – Intr-o Seara Organica…

The club closest to your heart
Club Control

The spot that you can tag as iconic for your hometown
Top of the hill in Seciu

The best dinner you had in Romania
The traditional fish soup called “Storceac” made in Delta Dunării

The Romanian word you enjoy saying it the most