Somewhere pretty far away from Bucharest’s nightmare traffic and intoxicating smog and even farther away from the Sunwaves beach, cemetery for many many neurons, there’s this city called Cluj Napoca. Hidden inside the Carpathian Arch, Cluj has this special vibe that slows everything down, giving its inhabitants the luxury to enjoy life in full flavour.

By all means, you can find this special vibe deep inside Cluj’ undergrounds, from Mioritmic and Midi to the Midas Touch Records, an imprint with a dark toned yet super groovy sound. And its owner, Macarie, is the perfect fit for our beloved De Pe La Noi series. Already an essential piece from Transylvania’s house & techno scene, Macarie supports his memorable DJ sets with tight producing skills. His debut LP, also the that marks also the launch of MDT-LDT sub-label, is set for the coming weeks, so keep an eye on Midas!

So, with no further introduction, here’s Macarie and his take on De Pe La Noi: an 1 hour trip filled almost exclusively with Romanian productions (with just 1 exception), with all the ingredients needed to dream about the loooong parties we used to attend a while ago: sick breaks grooves, electro passages and cosmic twirls. Don’t miss the short interview below, revealing Romania seen through Macarie’s eyes!

The place you’d move for your whole life (from Romania)

Probably like a village nearby Cluj , I fell in love with this city ever since I moved here

The graphic artist you like the most

I love the art of Raid (Raimund Vernica) who also did some covers for my label Midas Touch

The figure who encompasses the Romanian spirit

For me Stefan cel Mare was like an emblem during my childhood

The Romanian album / artist / label you’ve listened over and over again

Piata Romana nr 9 by Nicu Alifantis, Floare la rever is my favourite by far.

The club (in Romania) closest to your heart

Club Avi from Tirgu Mures where i started my residency.

The spot that you can tag as iconic for our hometown

I was born and raised in Ludus, so Lupoaica din centru, definitely

The best dinner you had in Romania

Best dinner i had in Romania was at Baracca in Cluj or Privo in Tirgu Mures, can’t tell for sure… also, too many good dinners at my place, I can’t remember the old ones haha

The Romanian word you enjoy saying it the most


De Pe La Noi series aims to go deep into the Romanian undeground to discover the beauty of this holy land and the amazing people that inhabit it. Each episode will feature a Romanian artist mixing only Romanian sounds and pointing out a few places and people that inspire him into his work. The series celebrates 100 years since The Great Union (1918), the moment that marked the birth of modern Romania.