Born and raised close to the Black Sea shores, Cătălin Chifan aka Vern came into contact with the house & techno culture more than 10 years ago, when progressive house was still reigning Romania’s underground. You can still sense these influences in Vern’s productions, although the classical uplifting prog breaks transformed into stripped down grooves, containing the same amount of electronic romantism. Take a listen at his Re:face Limited release, just to make an idea of what we’re talking about:

So, it was about time to hear what his take on Romania’s underground sounds like. He’s our guest for the 9th installment of the De Pe La Noi mix series, created exclusively with productions born out of the fertile Romanian electronic underground. Each episode features a Romanian selector who will express his vision about Romania’s scene, while pointing out what he loves about his beloved country with a short interview. Take a dive into his 100% Romanian productions mix below:

The place you’d move for your whole life

The graphic artist you like the most
Livia Falcaru (she made the artwork for my Lokomotiv release

The figure (scientist, king, a.s.o.) who encompasses the Romanian spirit
Constantin Brancusi

The Romanian album / artist / label you’ve listened over and over again
Amorf – Blending Light LP

The club closest to your heart
La Mania (Mamaia, where I discovered the sound of electronic music) 

The spot that you can tag as iconic for your hometown
The beach from my hometown Navodari

The best dinner you had in Romania
In Bran

The Romanian word you enjoy saying it the most