If you’ve started your DJ career, like many of us, playing tracks at your cousin’s birthday party in front of a staggering 10 people crowd, you’ve probably had the same dreams: one day you’ll open the night for Carl Cox at Space Ibiza, surrounded by groupies following your moves and with a huge crowd in front of you, hypnotized by your selection.

In the past few years, Burn Residency imagined a shortcut from your bedroom (transformed into a small DJ booth) to the real DJ experience: if you are able to convince the jury with just 20 minutes of mix that you have what it takes to tame the Ibiza dancefloors, then you get the chance to hit the big jackpot: 100,000 euros pumped in your career, a full Ibiza residency at some uber famous clubs and a huge amount of connections in the super competitive world of electronic dance music.


This year Italy gave the Burn Residency winner: Lollino, the guy that dreamt about becoming a football player at Juventus Torino but he turned to DJing. And, boy, what a smart move he made :) Already an established DJ, owning a Residency at Movement and having the chance to play at Moog Barcelona, Club Der Visionaere in Berlin or DC-10 in Ibiza, Lorenzo Gianeri impressed the Burn Residency jury with a vinyl only mix. From here to winning the competition is a story of sweat, smiles and tears.
We interogated Lollino to gather some intel on how to win such a huge prize and also we asked him for a 60 minutes mix, to indulge ourselves in his unique vision about electronic music.


Back 5 years ago, where did you imagine yourself as a DJ in 2016?
I always hoped to find myself in this situation, to network with influential DJ’s and producers in the electronic music world. But I never thought my dream would come true.

Did you have a turning point in past years when you thought that DJing was not the path to follow in your life?
I realized I wanted to live my life “behind the decks” when I played my first vinyl in a club, but to be honest real turning point came in the summer, during BURN Residency in Ibiza. I grew up a lot during my time on the island; now I have a lot of opportunities to progress my career and I will make the most of it.

When you lose the passion for something it’s time for a change.


What was the most valuable piece of advice you received from Carl Cox during the Residency Bootcamp?
Carl Cox, Philipp Straub, Dubfire, Uner, John Digweed, Mambo Brothers and all the mentors gave me a lot of advice, such as, study every day, stay focused, but the most important advice I was given was to never lose my passion. When you lose the passion for something it’s time for a change.


In your opinion, what was the key advantage you had against the other burn Residency participants?
Maybe because I know the island better than most. Ibiza is a special and magical place for me, with a lot of positive energy which i feel deeply. In a strange way I try to harvest this energy to my advance. :-)

When did you realize you have a big chance on winning burn Residency?
Only when I saw a big billboard with my face on it, in the center of Ibiza, was amazing and unforgettable.

Beside the moment you found out you won, what was the highlight of the bootcamp for you?
The best moments in the bootcamp was all the amazing lessons with a lot of important players in the industry of music, like Luciano, Tony Andrews, Michael Weicker, Darius Syrossian… and the time together with the other competitors, djs and staff like a real family!

If you’ll have to choose between carrying a DJ bag stuffed with records to a small underground venue and slipping a USB memory stick in your pocket on your way to play at a huuuge festival, what will it be?
Well actually I would bring my vinyls to play at massive festivals as I did only last week end during the Movement Torino Music Festival. I love my vinyls too much and I always want play with them in the big festival and in a small club! :-)


The only club you’ll accept having a residency without being paid.
The only club/parties I would accept a residency without money is Circoloco at Dc10 in Ibiza, one of my prefer party in the world!

3 record labels you’ll buy releases from without even listening to them.
Perlon, Desolat and Morning Glory (my future label with my partner Stefano Genta).

Juve or Toro?
Before becoming a DJ I tried to become a football player for my most loved team, Juventus!! :-)

Enjoy a vinyl only selection made by Lollino exclusively for www.4pe4.ro

fueled by Burn