Continuing our quest to finding vinyl gems hidden in record crates around the world, we made a full stop in Lisbon, at Carpet & Snares, a nice record shop located in Lisbon, Portugal. One visit to the shop will give you a taste of the House & Techno scene in Portugal, a scene that had grown nicely in the past few years. Yet, crate digging with patience and perseverence will be rewarded with some nice surprises, including some hard to find records from iconic record labels.

The shop is owned by Jorge Caiado, a name you’ve surely crosed paths until now, be it with his eclectic DJ sets or his productions. He also runs the Carpet & Snares record label, an imprint focused on bringing Portuguese producers into the spotlight (tip: dig deep enough and you may find some killer remixes from the likes of Dan Andrei, S. Moreira or Steve O’Sullivan).

Long story short, we asked Jorge to combine his curator, DJ and collector skills to recommend us one hidden gem from Carpet & Snares. He actually came up with 2, so you have 2 reasons to hit the Play buttons below 👇

Well, here’s 2 hidden gems, one new and one old:

The new one: I think it is one of the most beautiful tracks I’ve heard in the past few years and went completely out of the radar for most people. Shine Grooves is a brilliant producer!!

Now an old gem:I’ve just found this in our crates and it’s dope. Usually for me using a Pan flute is just a big NO, but it worked pretty nice on this one, so I found it interesting ;)