If you’re in Hamburg and electronic music is your thing, you should check Remoto Records, a record store recommended by Julius Steinhoff in the Vinyl Alter Ego feature we did a while ago. Remoto took over the Smallville store location and opened during pandemic, in December 2021.

remoto records

The store comes with an impressive 4,000 records stock. That’s enough to spend quite a lot of hours digging through both used and brand new records, we may say :) Remoto covers cover all facets of electronic music, with a focus on house (minimal, breaks, tech house) and techno, UK bass and electro with their respective subgenres and styles (new and 2nd hand). And maybe you’re lucky enough to sync your visit with an in-store session they’re regularly hosting with some befriended labels.

Until then, check out their recommendations this week: a second hand dig as well as a fresh one, to open your appetite for crate digging!

Second Hand Dig: Primo – Mori Deep


Fresh Stuff: Caveman LSD – Lost Hours

Hours: Monday to Saturday 2PM – 8PM

Address: Neuer Kamp 32, 20537 Hamburg