A regular behind Club Der Visionaere decks, Clovis has revealed his complex record selector avatar through amazing downtempo, ambient, hip hop or jazz selections, scattered across various podcasts and mix series on the interwebs.  Nevertheless, bits and pieces of Clovis’ cultural heritage are often sewn in his DJ sets, whenever he’s playing house music. 

Yet, if you’ve ever been to one Clovis, you couldn’t help but notice that he brought his West Coast musical DNA with him in Berlin. This is why we challenged him to pick a handful of West Coast house classics and we got blessed with this 👇

Halo Varga – Disko Tone [Siesta Music] 2000


The flip side of Brian “Halo” Varga’s seminal classic “Future” as released on San Diego’s Siesta Music in 2000.  Future was picked up by Hooj Tunes to become an undeniable global anthem that year. Over the past few years I’ve gotten to know Brian and his commitment to quality forward thinking dance music and expansive DJ sets still inspire. A true west coast legend and a lovely human!


Rithma – The New Simple [Tweekin Records] 2001

I’m a bit ashamed to admit Rithma was a more recent discovery from the early 2000s west coast house scene who has absolutely blown me away with every record I come across from that time. He disappeared for several years and has recently resurfaced with an amazing run of new music with incredible production. I can’t wait for more! Tweekin is also a classic San Francisco house label…


DJ Rasoul – Smoothed Out Funk [Compost] 1998

It’s impossible to talk about west coast house music without a bow to the prolific Guy Nado, aka DJ Rasoul. This record was originally supposed to be released on a sublabel of SF’s Silent music in 1998 but the label closed down before just a few test pressings were made. Thankfully Compost managed to unearth and properly release it many years later. One of my favorite Rasoul cuts…


Mark Farina – Radio [Ohm Records] 2002

Classic Ohm records, classic Mark Farina funky ass SF house music. Still as relevant as ever for me.


The Attendants – Star Gazing [Inner Sunset Recordings] 2006

More gold from San Francisco from a few years later. Homero G started Inner Sunset Recordings to release his own works and those as The Attendants with Asphalt Haynes. Every release is pure no frills west coast house & deep house. Works at the beach or at the warehouse party…


Lance Desardi – Jazz Salad [Pacific Traxx] 2002

It’s so hard to pick only a handful of records from that era but this one is a mainstay in my bag. Pacific Traxx / Pacific Coast House Recordings / Beatnonstop was distributed on Melrose Blvd not far from the house where I grew up, and I only found out about them after moving to Berlin decades later. This record is absolutely pure fun. Lance Desardi is still very much active and making amazing music these days, check his new project ‘Brother Nebula’.