Resident of The Volks / Haze Moscow community, Denis Korablev is an apologist for the minimalist sound in all forms of electronic music, colored with a deep, danceable groove with aesthetic interspersed melodies. He is also co-founder of BodyParts records, Tooloop and Mind Series vinyl imprints.

We asked Denis to compile a short list of tracks and he came up with 11 records that would be a perfect fit for a nice minimal warmup session, to set the mood just right for a night to remember!

Stl – Silent state


Horror inc. – The Sentinel


Yourayo – Enteropy


Bruno Pronsato – Part 1


Tommy Vicari jnr – No You Needn’t Explain


Andrei Ciubuc – Drugz


Aphex Twin – CheetahT7b  (Playing this at 45 rpm instead of original 33 :) )


Youandewan – Pinger


Denis Kaznacheev – Family Observation


Melchior Productions Ldt. – Everything Ok


Makcim & Levi – Jelmeratu