Carrying a heavy record case all over the world just to play bits of amazing music from his record collection is a full time job for Ernesto Ferreyra. It’s a full time job, indeed, one he took when he was 13 years old when landing a job as a DJ at a local radio station in Cordoba, his hometown. Fast forward to present times, nowadays to find Ernesto releasing a double EP for Crosstown Rebels, together with Guillaume Coutu Dumont under the Chic Miniature alias, and at the same time playing alongside Luciano for huge festival crowds or down into Berlin’s undergrounds.

Seems like a great peson to hang out with, right? Especially if you’re involved somehow into the electronic music scene. Well, Ernesto Ferreyra will host Pitch Control, a 4 days intensive training at Atra Doftana (may 2019) for DJs and producers where you’ll meet a great opportunity to boost your career. Check out the full program, speakers and topics and take advantage of the wildcard offered by BURN Energy, a wildcard which covers all the program expenses for one person only.

Until then, check out the short playlist Ernesto had provided for us.

“These are some of my favourite folk and tango songs I was listening when I was a kid, somewhere around 8 years old, from my family’s record collection.  They have been with me since then and I listen to them every time I feel a bit nostalgic”


Mercedes Sosa

Domingo Cura

Atahualpa Yupanqui

Horacio Guarany

Astor Piazzola