Believe it or not, this long strip of South American land, called Chile, has a huge impact on the sound of modern electronic music. Yes, we talk about Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano, but there is much more to explore into the depths of Chile’s house & techno underground. Now a Berlin resident, Felipe Valenzuela is the perfect example: running no less than four seminal labels (Melisma, Cure music, Melcure, Hearing Colors) that gave us a few epic releases signed by Ricardo Villalobos, Le Loup, Afriqua or Federico Molinari  and at the same time producing timeless cuts for Raum… Musik or Drumma.

Time to meet Felipe’s musical personality, so we asked him to build up a short list of records he was listening in the past months. He came up with five amazing records, including some really old stuff from different corners of the electronic music spectrum. Enjoy!