We admit, we’re suckers for groove. Groove hidden inside the bassline, inside the kick, inside the pads or just breathing out from the whole tune. It doesn’t really matter, as long as there is GROOVE!

This is one of the reasons we like Funk E and his raw deep productions, released on labels like Adult Only, Raum…musik, Kurbits, Pleasure Zone or The Rabbit Hole. Same goes for Naf Naf, the studio collab with good friend Narcis, with two incredible releases for US-based You Know What Records. And yes, of course, his own imprint, Great Empty Circle. So we asked him the definition of groove and he came up with these 7 eye rolling beasts. Enjoy!


Creepy Autograph – Makeup & Fashion

Billy Nightmare – I’ve Seen The World


Coringa – Jig

DJ Acácio e Ricardo Nagy – Energize

VIC 20 – Untitled

Alexander Koning – Budapest B2

Jarvic 7 – This World Today – The Cubefile Adventure Mix (1998)