The only downside, if we may call it that, of one meeting a record selector from the middle of the dance floor, is that you’d only get a tiny glimpse of his musical universe through the 4/4 music lens. Part of the Sunrise crew from its early years, Gescu has shown this special talent of unveiling small parts of his rich influences, adding elements in the most unexpected ways into his long, groovey sets: dub house, 2 step, broken beat, glitch and everything between.

As we’ve only taken these small parts as teasers and appetizers, we asked Gescu to dig deep into his private playlists and choose a few tracks to satisfy our curiosity: see what’s both inspiring and conforting for him. He came up with an amazing selection, with lots of downtempo & trip hop, yet containing a few hip-hop, ambient and indie references. Enjoy!