If spending countless hours in record shops, digging through record crates, or behind the computer screen rabbit hole-ing into the depths of discogs, then you’ve probably stumbled upon @vinyl_recommender, an instagram account run by Glasgow based record selector Junior. With a simple promise to deliver one good record every single day, this page became a massive collection of mainly house & techno records. Some of them long forgotten, some of them so rare that you have to be really passionate in order to spend hundreds of euros on one record, some of them so obscure that they went under the selectors’ radar with no effort. Followed by big names in the club scene or by the humble bedroom DJs alikes, @vinyl_recommender is one of the stops you need to make in your endless scrolling instagram sessions.

Junior is the founder of Sensu, a club night in Glasgow that has been running amazing parties for 20 years this year at Sub Club. It goes without saying that SensuCast and Sensu Records came as a natural extension to this club night, that invited DJs like Traumer, Ben Ufo or Cinthie.

Giving all these, we had to see what’s in Junior’s record bag, so he came up with a massive 10 records selection that stays true to the vibe of @vinyl_recommender. Dig in!

Notturno – She Loves That Kind Of Thing

I came across this in my collection. Not sure where it came from and who or when it was bought. But It’s so good. I’m trying to find the artist as I really want to re-release it. If anyone can help, get in touch. :)

TiEs – Trying To

The Ciao Italia series has been great. I’m not sure who TiEs is but I want to hear more. Those bleeps, those pads, and a thuddy baseline I could listen to for hours on end on the right sound. Italian House lives on and on and on……….

CSM – The Way

A friend sold this to me just recently. I love the original but I wouldn’t argue with anyone that fancied the Norken or John Beltran mix.

Cai Bojsen-Møller – FaxImprov (Skudge Remix)

Multiplex is such a great label. I’ve loved the recent releases since it was relaunched. So varied. I keep coming back to this track especially.

Rhythm Factory – Trained To Be Ghosts

I wish Rhythm Factory made more records together. The Stamina EP was played a lot at our parties when it came out and for years after. They seem to pop up and release something and go their separate ways. This will do nicely until next time.

Lattice – Botanica (CK & Central Remix)

I could wax lyrical for hours about the talent that has come out of Aarhus over the last 10 years. CK and Central is a match made in heaven. A local guest played it before me one night  before I had the chance to and I didn’t recognise it. Sounded like a totally different track on a big system. The attention to detail in the production is there to hear.

El Choop – New Speak

Dubby, driving goodness from El Choop on James from Juno’s, Ornate Records. Pulled it out for the first time since buying it, and will be keeping it out for the foreseeable.


Dan Piu – A2. Incarnation Of A Myth

I love all of Dan Piu’s music, but I’d say this is my favourite. I’m not sure if it just sounds really like “Fugue – Contrapoint” or it’s a licensed version. I love it.

Mouvement Perpetuel – Sexuel mouvement

Reissued and remastered in 2021. Three great tracks on the ep. “No sound effect” on the other side is a bit of a guilty pleasure.