Whether you got the chance of listening Laylla Dane at some neverending after party in Club Guesthouse, Bucharest, in the middle of some breathtaking landscapes at Meadows In The Mountains festival, Bulgaria or sharing the decks with Zip and Ricardo Villalobos at Watergate, Berlin, one thing is pretty clear: she’s able to imprint some unforgettable memories into the dance floor collective mind.

Right before taking a trip to Waha Festival, as part of the Deep Stage lineup, Laylla Dane has decided to reveal a lesser known side of her complex musical universe, colored in dubstep tones. Check her track selection below ;)

As Laylla Dane I have always been passionate about house and techno sounds ever since I started buying records in 2002. It is a little known fact, though, that about a decade ago for 3-4 years my attention was massively drawn to the genre of dubstep in its softer and floating forms. That’s how my DJ alter ego ‘Førtunah’ was born. This playlist represents some of the tracks I used to play under that moniker. Enjoy!