As discreet as influential for the underground electronic scene, Peter Kremeier aka Losoul made his mark with his melodic cuts hidden deep inside the grooves with releases on Playhouse, Hypercolour, Hartchef or on his very own imprint, Another Picture, since the early 90s’. A fine observer of the german house & techno underground, he is one of the best artists to point some of the coolest moments in the Frankfurt / Offenbach clublife of the 90s’, with 6 carefully selected tracks from that period of time.


M/S/O & Atom Heart – Move Right Now (Pod Communications 1992)

This is the pre-Playhouse era in Frankfurt. Back then it was among Germany’s main techno cities – together with Berlin and Cologne also.. This was the central European scene which prominently included Belgium and the Netherlands among others, of course. The influences came from eighties EBM and Industrial, Eurodisco and Detroit Techno. The late Heiko MSO and Uwe Schmidt aka Atom TM also took part in this and made the grade to bring a vibrant yet driving techno sound without falling for the then incoming Trance sound.

It’s about time to move right now – RIP Heiko


Silhouette Electronique – H.E.I.K.E. (Placid Flavour 1995)

This is one of the first released tracks of Ricardo and it was on a split EP also with my very first released track. Mine was a psychedelic techno track of around eighteen minutes length which I boldly did in 93 or 94 and he did this positive as well as driving synth house track. As far as I remember Heike was his ex-gf and I guess this all did help it. This record came out in 94 or 95. We both were already djing in clubs for a few years but still young and looking for where we could go. I liked to play both tracks. We both have been living in the Frankfurt area and were each also doing parties with a bunch of friends.



Losoul – 00000000 (Playhouse 1996)

This is the B-side of the better known ‘Open Door’, my first release in Playhouse in 96. I did both tracks in 95 and among friends I called them ‘Basic Channel disco’.. Playhouse needed a damn long time to release the tracks – they finally came out just before summer 96 and yeah, I am still happy with them. I have been listening to many kinds of music ever since but in production it all came down to these sublime but strong grooves. I can’t say anything else than that I am still into these.. and for the tripping minimalism and smooth movements I like this one even more than the A-side.



Maus & Stolle – Pan (Klang Elektronik 1997)

Bernd was one of the Frankfurt electronic producer heads back then and he used to work at the Freebase record store. In his crew he was the man with the finest feeling in electronic music. And he even kept this when others already went for the harder and darker techno styles. With Thilo Stolle he did some essential dub-influenced as well as emotional classic electronic jams. Guys, we miss your music!



Dimbiman – Köppchen (Perlon 1998)

I saw the later Perlon honchos at local techno parties sometimes and Markus did some EBM influenced club releases in the late eighties already but around mid or late nineties I saw them starting their label at the local distributor and coming up with kind of intellectual and even mocking ideas. Here in Offenbach at first they played mainly at artschool and gallery parties which interacted smoothly with their conditionally not-so-serious-but also classy demand – keep it where u got it ;)


Nick Holder – Free again (DNH 1998)

I’d call this New Skool House if it wasn’t Nick Holder. Me as basically a soul or house head I did love those melancholic but sexy tracks on his label DNH. At that time I shared that love with Ata who was very much into (especially deep) house since the earlier nineties as well. I remember he was playing that particular track in the earlier days of Robert Johnson club before many got more into various eighties retro styles. I liked the way we found back to some more housey vibes during the last years.