Can’t tell if it’s just our perception, as we expanded our social bubble in North America, but we did feel a bit of an underground effervescence coming up lately from Montreal. Take Mutek: since the early 2000s’, the festival acts as a major hub for exchanging ideas and discovering fresh takes on what electronic music really means, in the ever expanding digital world. This turned Montreal into a hatchery that spawned new sounds with the help of a couple of artists.

Ohm Hourani is one of them. Anoma, his own imprint, explores the minimalistic side of electronic music, as seen through a light jazz filter. Then come his live sets and DJ sets, from MUTEK Montreal to Japan’s Montreux Jazz Festival, via Club Der Visionaere Berlin or Paris’ Concrete.

Such a strong music personality requires a vast musical universe. It’s the reason we asked Ohm Hourani to build a list with his favourite albums! Included below you’ll discover Horror Inc – A Soundtrack for Strange Times, a true cinematic journey released at Anoma in Feburary 2024. The 4 x 12” album is still available here

Bitches Brew – Miles Davis


Soundtrack for Strange Times – Horror Inc


Black Focus – Yousef Kammal


Head Hunters – Herbie Hancock


Alzheimer – Isiminaimanín- Special Box (12″ LP, 12″ RMX, one sided 12″, tarot card) soon available here


Continuum  – Nik Bartsch Ronin