As much as we are tempted to call Raha a modern times samurai, we won’t use that type of a stereotype. Wandering the world’s underground scene to find that special groove to resonate with his electronic heart, the Tokyo born artist has discovered Romania’s house & techno hidden treasures long before it turned itself into the overhyped hotspot that started to attract thousands of clubheads all around Europe. He introduced [a:rpia:r] through his Beat In Me party label to the Japanese audience, an idea that proved to be a match made in the undeground heaven. Next stop: RPR Soundsystem with Dreamrec VJ at Liquid Room Tokyo on the 5th of April, 2024.

An avid record collector as well as fine record selector, Raha’s life journey covered many facets of the electronic underworld yet staying true to his love for the American street culture, a scene he experienced live since the early 90s’ during his yearly trips to New York. As part of his private musical universe, here are 7 tracks from the early 1990s whose promotion videos had an extraordinary influence on street dancing culture.

Lalah Hathaway – “Baby Don’t Cry”

EPMD – “So Whatcha Sayin’’” (Party Machine LIVE)

Zhigge – “Toss It Up”

Mariah Carey – “Emotions”

Herb Alpert – ”North On South Street”

Divine Styler – ”Ain’t Sayin’ Nothin’”

“Wreckin’ Shop Live From Brooklyn (ALIVE TV)”