Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, Red Pig Flower encapsulates the cultural diversity of our humble world, feeding creativity inspired by her Asian roots to the Western world she has explored in recent years. She showcased her digital art and music on exhibitions at esteemed venues such as the NCCA in Moscow, Goldsmiths University in London and the Asia Culture Centre in Gwangju, while rocking dancefloors all over the world (from Womb Tokyo to Panorama Bar Berlin or Heim4 Lebanon) with her diverse sonice spectrum, ranging from trippy Micro House to pulsating dance floor-oriented House, Techno, and beyond.

Fresh from Adam’s Bite catalog comes Red Pig Flower’s We Need Space, her newest release, respecting the same psychedelia infused stripped back house sound.

It goes without saying that we’re really curious about her personal musical universe, so we asked Red Pig Flower to reveal a few of her favourite tracks. It turned out into a diverse 10 tracks selection, with as many facets as her creative personality. Enjoy!

A Wide Spectrum of Emotions in Music: My taste in music is diverse. When I’m not in the mood for dance music, I enjoy exploring various genres, from classical and opera to jazz and Rock. However, I’m particularly drawn to music that conveys dynamic emotions and tells a compelling story.