It’s hard not to acknowledge the huge contribution brought by Romania’s underground culture to the house & techno scene in the past decade or so, in a moment when the minimal techno scene seemed to run out of ideas. In the middle of this wave of innovation, groove and feeling in stripped down forms, 3 fellows started to carve their own path. Premiesku was one of the first electronic live acts born in Romania, ahead of its time, bringing together progressive house ideas and 80s’ influences on top of the minimal house groove we all fall in love with. As part of Premiesku or as half of the eponymous Livio & Roby, Robert Precup aka Roby brought his imagination to the table (or better said, to the decks :D). We’ve also been privileged to get a preview of his upcoming solo debut album, which sets a new path towards his musical Universe center. Watch this space for some goodies in the coming weeks!

For now, the best we can do is to challenge Roby to reveal a few sources of inspiration. He came up with more than that: a short selection that pinpoints Johnny Greenwood’s immense creativity, especially when it comes to his collaborations with film director Paul Thomas Anderson. Amazing, to say the least!

“I’m impressed by Johnny Greenwood’s ability to create atmospheric and emotionally charged scores that enhance the storytelling in films, in particular, his work in collaboration with director Paul Thomas Anderson.”