With our brains still buzzing after 1 week of non-stop music and a cute depression waiting for us right around the corner, it’s time to recall the memories we gathered from the bassline filled sands that hosted Sunwaves this year.

As usual, words are not enough to describe the wholesome SW30 experience. Seth Troxler b2b Bill Patrick, Ricardo Villalobos b2b Luciano, the immense girl power channeled by Sonja Moonear, Alexandra or Mayaan Nidam, the huge amount of never heard before music delivered by the local Romanian heroes and many many moments stored in our long term memory (or not 😅)

So we decided to collect a selection of tracks into one playlist, part of them picked from the recordings that surfaced only in the past days. A 30+ tracks playlist that comes a strong statement for how diverse house music is, from the early 90s to nowadays.

Enjoy it as much as we did ❤️