After years of dwelling into the electronic underground, we started to identify ourselves more and more with our motto: the deeper we dig, the more underground it gets. And we have a feeling that some of you resonate with it: you found an obscure record in the 1 Dollar records crate, then you start digging on discogs after the artists, you found an interesting label where he released music, then start digging on that label’s bandcamp, found another interesting artist… then back again on discogs. Rabbit holing in the undergrounds is our confort zone, but sometimes it tends to swallow all the spare time we have left, while sucking our energy and damaging our eyeballs.

Sebastian aka Verzilă is that special curation layer that stands between the underground and the digger. With a youtube channel that attracted a whopping 110,000 subscribers and a soundcloud page with over 13,000 followers, Verzila became an influential voice in the electronic underground, curating good music for more than 10 years now. And it’s not an easy job: beside his own digging, he receives way over 300 emails per month, from various artists trying to get their music close to his ears. A record collector and DJ himself, with an ever expanding collection of over 400 records at this moment, it goes without saying that we wanted his take on recommending some underrated underground gems, wether released on vinyl or only on digital. So, here they are, enjoy the selection as much as we did:


Project Runaway – Charly (Official Video) [AMT031]


Alexander Skancke – New Dawn [QRK007]



Oleg Makovskiy – White Rabbits [SRW033]


Stiven Escarraga – El Tambo [NYT016]


Bang Goes – Constant [WaWo 08]