Viktor Udvari Selects: 10+1 Minimalistic Yet Somehow Dreamy & Funky Techno Tracks

    Hailing from Kecskemét, Hungary, Viktor Udvari is an artist who loves to express himself on a wider spectre of electronic music. As comfortable as he is into the upbeat fields of minimal techno, Viktor Udvari manages to create weirdly amazing stories dwelling inside the more experimental corners of electronic music. Take, for example, Art Is Dead, the album released a few months ago on his Bandcamp page, where dark ambiental sounds are leading the way into mysterious planes of scarce piano strings and voice samples. On the other hand, his collaboration with Laughing Man produced Shades for Berg Audio, a deep house classic with lots of dub reverbs. His more housier alter ego, Capeesh Society, has produced a handful of releases, available on bandcamp

    Curious about where this versatility is drawing energy from, we asked Viktor Udvari to come up with a short track selection, to explore the dreamy side of minimalistic techno, as he perceives it.

    01. deweekend – rabeat

    02. a phsychic yes – maze dream (sapphire slows remix)

    03. moveo – fat pointer

    04. cvtkvc – hibito

    05. cvtkvc – catapult

    06. digby – marbles

    07. glacial – byron’s groove

    08. khristian k – eruption

    09. giash – moving spirit

    10. andras toth – morning glory

    11. khristian k – mesolith

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