If you happen to stroll on the course of the Bega river in Timișoara, Romania, you need to pay attention to that invisible electromagnetic field surrounding it, as you might feel a bit of Zefzeed‘s raw energy. As raw as his productions, released over the past 15 years on underground outposts like Nervmusic, Arria or Naural and more recently self released on his bandcamp page.

As a record selector, Zefzeed has proven an insidious appetite for electronic experiments: as haunting and dark as his sets are, there’s room for playfulness and rays of bright hope. Maybe that’s the reason why GEF, the musical project developed together with G76, seems like a match made on the dancefloor heaven. As GEF LIVE, served as a live performance, or as GEF, a straightforward back 2 back, one cannot expect anything else than the unexpected, delivered in a crazy fun way by G76 & Zefzeed.

Enough talking, let’s dive straight into Zefzeed’s musical Universe: a massive 7 tracks selection of electronic experiments, weirdly satisfying for any electronic music aficionado out there.