Releasing on vinyl turned itself pretty much into a monkey business for most of the releases we crossed paths: same ass bored kick, same cardboard cover, as exciting as watching chimps mating on NatGeo (please notice the ape theme we’ll use to the end of this review :D), same two 15 minutes long tracks cleverly named Untitled A. But hey, if you don’t release on vinyl you pretty much don’t exist and, God forbid, if your T shirt is anything but black you’re kinda mainstream, brother. Ok, enough with the quick X scan of the romanian house & techno underground, now off to something that really caught our attention!

Victor aka Guy From Downstairs aka GFD made use of all the advantages a record may offer with his newest release, Savage Bucharest: awesome artwork that breathes his passion for comics (you may find some Easter eggs if you’ll check the details) and 6 collabs spread on 2 records.

Savage Bucharest is a quick monkey ride through the evolved sound of what the Bucharest underground scene has to offer nowadays: an obsessive grooved morphed into sparkling melodic lines (w. Floog), happy distorted riffs (w. Dubsons), savage percussions taken a tad seriously (w. Morgan), minimalistic loops resembling a Queen sample (w. Coriesu), a rushed out yet groovy af bassline (w. Faster) and dry kicks (w. Slip Y Time) that, guess what, will generate some drunken monkey dance moves at a late late late afterparty (if they haven’t done it, already).

Audio below, the record will soon be available at your favourite record shop. Or you can order it online from here