The vinyl branch of, the online magazine covering the Romanian flavoured house & techno underground, has recently hit its third iteration. This time, Playedby proposes a musical trip on the other side of the Atlantic, bringing Ohm Hourani under the spotlights. The Montreal based artist, known for his jazzy insertions into minimalistic frames, introduces a different approach with Bursting Lights EP: Do Mi’s vocals, closer to jazz improvs than the dark & sweaty dance floors. Don’t let yourself get lost into the smooth vocals, as the syncopated percussions are here to guarantee you’ll hardly forget the shy guitar strings.

The original track gets a solid support from three of the most inovative Romanian projects: Alsi translates Bursting Lights into a the dub language of the underground, SIT finds an abstract way of dealing with the hypnotized dance floor as Sublee sends us into deeper, higher states of consciousness.

Ohm Hourani feat Do Mi – Bursting Lights is available in a 12” format (double gatefold) at Misbits Record Shop, you can buy your copy from here