Although our French language knowledge is limited to a few expressions learned in our earluy childhood, mainly from cartoons like Dexter’s Laboratory, we can easily understand the music language used by this Frenchman: Seuil. With a pretty extensive release catalog at Raum…Musik, Minibar, Eklo (his own label), Circus Company or Moonharbour, Alexis Benard loves to go deep into the house & techno underground territories with his signature contagious groove as his only guide.


This applies on his latest EP,Transition Naturelle, on the Frankfurt am Main x Amsterdam x Berlin label, Lowmoneymusiclove. 4 tracks, each of them unique in its own way, sliding from electro to acid house, with a touch of Rhodes, 4 tracks enveloped into a deep house atmosphere meant to imprint some nice dance floor memories into our brains. Partout Dance, the opening track, with its references to old 8bit video games, is definetely our favourite one.

Seuil – Transition Naturelle is still in stock at Misbits Record Shop, among some other fresh vinyl stuff, be sure you check it before it’s too late