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Half is Enough Radio
Half is Enough Radio

Timeless Mixes

Those kind of mixes you’d play from time to time, no matter if it’s 20 years old, weird as a Monday morning backstage or downtempo like your girlfriend after that precious joint made of grinder leftovers.

Dive in! List is regularly updated!

Let Tom Ellis improvize his jazz-infused grooves on top of ultra deep kicks and cuts and you got yourself a legendary liveset, recorded in the epicenter of Japan’s underground: Contact Tokyo.


Digging deeper into the Half Is Enough archives to discover this beauty, recorded in January 2015.
Needless to say, perfect record selection done by Charlie, tuned to the cozy vibe that’s soooo Misbits Record Shop.


Leave Priku with a pair of turntables and a mixer in a room and you got yourself a timeless mix, filled with tracks that meanwhile became evergreens. Video recording from 10 years ago is still here



This vinyl only mix from Cristi Cons became a landmark where we return from time to time, whenever we feel like enjoying a pleasant minimalistic groove


Leave Suciu in a room filled with records and you got yourself a timeless 1 hour mix ❤️ Recorded on Misbits Record Store pickups in 2015



A glitchy, airy & weirdly melodic hour, filtered through Praslea’s minimalistic lenses. Enjoy!


Can’t go wrong with this one, recorded by Priku at one of his gigs in Tel Aviv, at The Block Club. Yeah, it’s that Traxx01 mixer that makes the difference!



Lawrence knows best. You don’t belong here if you ask what does he know best. Deep cuts for a deeper state of mind from Dial Records head honcho

That emotive state of mind hardcoded in trance music, riding the higher frequencies of ambient, sliced by techno cuts and breaks patterns. One hell of a ride with DJ Metatron for the famed Giegling series.

Robot aliens and alien robots exchanging ideas. Tito Mazzetta has recorded all on a micronic reel tape and brought it to us: Introspections with Tito Mazzetta (built only with his productions)

A Swedish guy enters a Japanese record shop: Martinez @ Technique Mix Series

The day I left my heart out in the waters: Margaret Dygas @ Submarine Boat Party, Antwerp

What happens at GH, stays at GH: Charlie @ Understand Label Night – Dec 2014