Cesar Merveille falls into that category of artists that love to roam free between genres, influences and visions, leaving their sound signature mark wherevere they pass by. Take the eclectic approach from Cerulean, his LP on Visionquest, created on a solid abstract x leftfield base together with his good friend Ryan Crosson. Then jump right into the middle of the dancefloor with his Cadenza connections. And eventually dive into the avanguard minimal house sound of his own imprint, Roche Madame, where he signs the first 3 releases under the C.S.R.monicker.

Talking about Roche Madame, if it happens to be in Berlin this Sunday (11th of June 2023), you should attend the Roche Madame showcase at Club Der Visionaere, where Cesar and Viken Arman present VIZAR LIVE 👇

After this electronic ride you’d surely want to explore his musical universe more deeply so we come to rescue with this insightful interview where we found out which records from his private collection he’s mostly fond of.

A second hand dig I’m most proud of

There’s quite a few but one I’m playing a lot at the moment is The Usual Suspects – Nightstalkin’ of which I made a little edit.


The record I’d love to see it repressed:

I don’t want to blow my own horn but that’s funny ’cause I was just in Paris and Didier from Syncrophone was talking about maybe repressing Chocopop Jazz. Otherwise I don’t believe Gemini: At That Cafe has been repressed.


The label I’d buy all their releases without even listening to them

Nonplace Records, but that’s more listening.


The record artwork that blows my mind every time I look at it

All the artworks by Leonard Butler and Numero 6.


The records that triggers childhood memories

The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Petrucciani


The record shop I would spend my whole savings in

I live in front of Spacehall and i think they already have all my savings!


The record that never leaves my DJ bag

Tronco Traxx: Drops


Last record I checked its price on discogs

I’m not doing a lot of discogs these days, I prefer going to the store.


Last record I bought for my home listening pleasure

Arthur RusselCalling Out Of Context and Another Thought


The record closest to my heart from my entire collection:

You can’t ask me to choose one… it would be cheating on others.