Drawing inspiration from Detroit and Chicago early electronic scenes, feeding his hunger for good music from jazz sounds, Le Loup‘s musical personality is as complex as it is straightforward in its expression. We got a glimpse from this personality just looking at the seminal Shadow Play, his own imprint, as well as from some other projects he’s involved for quite some time, including Hold Youth with his close friend Seuil. Yet we can’t go any more personal than digging a bit through his private record collection so here is it, Le Loup’s vinyl alter ego in just a few records ;) The interview was made more than 10 years ago, bit it’s still fresh nowadays 🤗

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A second hand dig I’m most proud of
This one is not an obscure find but I bought a copy of Gemini – ‘Omnipresent’ on Minifunk during Record Store Day last year in Paris for next to nothing. I was checking out a huge stand full of mostly funk and disco stuff with few boxes of house and techno, where I’d already found few interesting records. The last record I checked in the last box was this beautiful Gemini cut for less than €5. This kind of feeling is priceless :)


The record I’d love to see it repressed
Argh, this is a tough choice because there are so many records I’d love to see repressed. I’m going to choose the first one which comes to mind at the moment and it’s not electronic, it’s actually the first Eminem album…


The label I’d buy all their releases without even listening to them
Mille Plateaux or UR, easily. No question.


The record artwork that blows my mind every time I look at it
The cover from ‘Cosmic Vortex’ by Weldon Irvine always fascinated me. I could spend hours looking at it. The music really deserves some attention too :)


The record that triggers childhood memories
Definitely something from Michael Jackson, I was known to dance like him when i was a kid.


The record shop I would spend my whole savings in
Heartbeat in Paris, amazing place. Not only would I spend my savings there, but probably most of my life if I could haha.


The record that never leaves my DJ bag
First album John Tejada released on A13, timeless techno.


Last record I checked its price on discogs
A drum’n’bass record from 1995 by Mystic Moods. I’m buying more and more drum’n’bass stuff these days – you can play the records at 33rpm instead of 45 and they make a great piece of breakbeat.


Last record I bought for my home listening pleasure
The last home listening record i bought was for my girlfriend, it’s the first album from UK artist FKA Twigs. She often makes me discover new artists this way. FKA makes very interesting and modern music mixing electronic music with pop and soul.
The record closest to my heart from my entire collection
This one is really hard to pick! All my records are kind of my babies so it’s like telling someone which of your own children you prefer. It really depends on your mood I would say. A few years ago my DJ bag got stolen at a train station when i came back from a party in London, so now I try not to give too much importance to them otherwise you are fucked.
Saying that, of course there is one record that’s a bit special to me and it comes from a J Dilla Collection i bought some years ago from his mother’s foundation. I didn’t know which one i would receive and i got an LP from Alphonse Mouzon ‘Love Fantasy’. It’s not an LP i listen to very often often but it has certainly got a special place in my heart.