Looking back at the winners’ list for the previous BURN Residency editions, it became clear that all the DJs who claimed the 100,000 euros prize and the Ibiza residency share one thing in common, apart from the mixing skills and the apettite for the 4/4 productions: CHARISMA! You know it: that magic dust they spell over the crowd from the very first moment they take control over the DJ booth.

furkan kurt

furkan kurt

Turkey’s Furkan Kurt, the 2017 BURN Residency winner, comes to prove that we’re right: a recorded set on the interwebs won’t do him justice as you need to taste a bit from the energy he unleashes on the dance floor, regardless if this is inside a dark sweaty underground club or the stage of a huge summer festival.

So we decided to sit down on a quick chat with Furkan to trace back the origins of this charisma we were talking about at the beginning of this article.



How did you discover your passion for electronic music?

My passion for electronic music was an intuitive discovery for me. In other words, I always felt a connection to certain vibes, rhythms, sound patterns and the moment I heard those in a format in which we call electronic music now days – I just knew I found what I wanted to do.


3 DJs that deeply influenced your DJing style?

Luciano is my biggest influence. I also really admire Loco Dice and Carl Cox


Before the BURN Residency contest, what were your hopes as a DJ?

I am doing what I love. I wouldn’t necessarily say my hopes changed after the BURN residency contest.  The contest provided me with clarity but the dream didn’t change – my dream has always been to connect with my audience and tell them my story through my music.


I was a good DJ in my local scene but all of the sudden I found myself in a studio with Luciano


How did you decide to enter the BURN Residency competition?

Having people all around the world listening to your music and a chance to receive guidance from top names of the music industry… Need I say more? It was a brilliant experience for me.


From all the BURN Residency mentors, who was the one you resonated best with?

Luciano is someone I really look up to – it was an honour to learn so much from him during the competition.


When did you realize you actually have a big chance on winning the big prize?

Honestly… At the very beginning I always thought I might have that chance, because you cannot be successful if you do not believe in yourself.




In this year that passed by as the BURN Residency winner, what was the moment when you thought it’s too good to be real?

Everything was too good to be true. I was a good DJ in my local scene but all of the sudden I found myself in a studio with Luciano. It felt like a dream.


If you were to give one piece of advice for this year’s finalists, what would that be?

Trust yourself.


How does the underground electronic scene in Istanbul look like in 2018?

I would say it is definitely better than the previous year but still there is plenty of room for improvement. One thing I’m glad of is global DJ’s like Dixon, Solomun, Luciano and many others have and will perform in İstanbul this year.


If you would be a party promoter, what’s the ideal lineup you’ll have at your party in Istanbul?

Martinez brothers b2b Jamie Jones


Name 3 record labels you’ll always find a place for in your sets

My top one has to be Luciano of course – Cadenza. But really, there are just too many to choose from.


The club in Ibiza you’ll accept a residency without being paid for?

Pacha, Destino


Besiktas, Galata or Fener?


Furkan Kurt will make his debut in Bucharest on the 12th of August, alongside JUST2 (representing Romania in this year’s BURN Residency edition) and BOg. Not to be missed, details here!