Looking at our bank account, it seemed like a really good month for record shopping :)) So, in order to make it easier for you, here is a quick 5-records list handpicked by our friends from Mibits Record Shop. This month has that summerish taste, whether we talk about some deep house rooted into the 90s’ groove, some dub infused minimal or some robotic spacey electro.

Oh, and there’s also Dub Taylor’s amazing double record for Dirt Crew, a collection of various genres and subgenres filtered through the artist’s dub lenses.

Happy Digging, guys, enjoy! As usual, click on the links to get some audio samples and availability

Volière ‎– Tome Il Complaisance


Morgan – Alien Funk EP


Dub Taylor – Caves & Cages (2×12″)


Chicaiza – Morurco


Maik Yells – Ulises