Somewhere behind the infamous never ending parties, the hypnotic basslines and the mind twisting video mappings lies the inspiration. Behind the corruption, behind the legacies left by all sort of conquerers starting with the Roman Empire and ending with the Soviet influence and the sneaky post capitalism lies the creativity. Hidden in the virgin mountains, serene meadows and breathtaking waterfalls lies the spirit. Unspoiled, untamed, unrestricted to any tags or labels.

De Pe La Noi series aims to go deep into the Romanian undeground to discover the beauty of this holy land and the amazing people that inhabit it. Each episode will feature a Romanian artist mixing only Romanian sounds and pointing out a few places and people that inspire him into his work. The series celebrates 100 years since The Great Union (1918), the moment that marked the birth of modern Romania.

Vlad Dinu is that kind of a DJ that doesn’t like to be confined into specific genres of electronic music. Be it under his own vinyl imprint, Mihai Bravu Records, or some other underground outposts like Generatia’ 90 or Synesthesia, Vlad likes to display his Romanian roots in a rather subtle way.



Check out the small interview we did with Vlad Dinu and also the jazz x hip hop x trip hop mix he did exclusively for us

The place you’d move for your whole life

I intend to spend my life traveling so I don’t really have my heart set on one spot.


The graphic artist you like the most



The figure (scientist, king, a.s.o.) who encompasses the Romanian spirit

Dr Petru Onaca – Neurologist


The Romanian album / artist / label you’ve listened over and over again

The Balanescu Quartet – This is the Balanescu Quartet


The club closest to your heart

I’d have to say definitely an oldschool game changer for me, the club where I first got in touch with electronic music in Romania : Liquid Club


The spot that you can tag as iconic for Bucharest (or your hometown)

Piata Universitatii – biggest help in the “Divide Et Impera” agenda since we gave birth to it.


The best dinner you had in Romania

Probably over at Benihana back in the days, I remember having Shabu Shabu which I never found in their menu again afterwards.


The Romanian word you enjoy saying it the most