It’s been over a year since Vlad Arapașu decided make the next step into his career. The experience gathered as part of the prolific Dubsons duo built an interesting foundation for his solo project, manifested recently in releases for Atipic and Subtil Records. His signature sound contains subtle influences rooted in his Moldavian origins, yet draws energy from Bucharest’s underground scene. These same contrasts are captured into his entry for our mix series, created solely with Romanian cuts.

We took a few minutes with Vlad and explored Romania through his filter, emphasizing of a few landmarks and iconic figures from this beautiful country.


The place you’d move for your whole life

With deep-rooted traditions and full of history, Gura Humorului has always had a special place in my heart. Being the craddle of my childhood, it is the place where I always find genuine inspiration, positive energy and authentic emotions.


The graphic artist you like the most


I really enjoy the work of the romanian-based artist Vladinsky. With colorful portraits and abstract patterns, he always manages to evoke a particular emotion, and I believe that this is the foundation, motivation and purpose of art.


The figure who encompasses the Romanian spirit

The “romanian spirit” lays within each and every personality this country gave to the world. Two iconic figures that best concentrate this feature are the romantic, genius-poet, Mihai Eminescu and the violin titan, George Enescu.


The Romanian album / artist / label you’ve listened over and over again

Miss Aura’s Urziceanu ”Seara de jazz cu Aura”. Heavenly masterpiece. On repeat.


The club closest to your heart

A former club in Iasi city, XS. It is where I started this wonderful musical journey, but also had the chance to meet and play with one of the biggest names in the industry.


The spot that you can tag as iconic for Bucharest

I believe Guesthouse is one iconic spot for this scenery, well-known not only in this city or country, but also far across the borders.


The best dinner you had in Romania

Few years ago, I accidentally found a local American restaurant that serves, sincerely, the best pork ribs ever. It became tradition to eat there at least once a month.


The Romanian word you enjoy saying it the most

“Cui”. That means “nail”. Pour les connaisseurs.



De Pe La Noi series aims to go deep into the Romanian undeground to discover the beauty of this holy land and the amazing people that inhabit it. Each episode will feature a Romanian artist mixing only Romanian sounds and pointing out a few places and people that inspire him into his work. The series celebrates 100 years since The Great Union (1918), the moment that marked the birth of modern Romania.