Valentin Florea aka vlf has linked his name in recent years to Bipolar, the party brand focused on bringing the pleasant breeze of Romania’s underground house & techno to the Western side of the country, yet not losing contact with Bucharest. As the Bipolar resident DJ, he had the chance of sharing the DJ booth with the likes of Raresh, Petre Inspirescu, Amorf, Barac, Cezar, Herodot, or Priku.

Usually building a steamy calm warmup, as he likes to keep things under control, vlf finds the perfect balance between the dark alleys of minimal techno and the shiny deep house hills. As he’s one of the DJs in constant contact with what Romania has to offer in terms of good music, we invited him to mix our newest De Pe La Noi episode (where he mixed only Romanian tracks), alongside a few questions to discover Romania from his own perspective.


The place you’d move for your whole life


The graphic artist you like the most


The figure (scientist, king, a.s.o.) who encompasses the Romanian spirit

Ion Rațiu

The Romanian label you’ve listened over and over again


The club closest to your heart

Bipolar House


The spot that you can tag as iconic for Bucharest

Club Guesthouse

The Romanian word you enjoy saying it the most




De Pe La Noi series aims to go deep into the Romanian undeground to discover the beauty of this holy land and the amazing people that inhabit it. Each episode will feature a Romanian artist mixing only Romanian sounds and pointing out a few places and people that inspire him into his work. The series celebrates 100 years since The Great Union (1918), the moment that marked the birth of modern Romania.