Philipp Straub Reveals Some Inside Information About How To Win BURN Residency

    With a DJ & producer career spanning on over 23 years, a consistent part of them in Ibiza actually, Philipp Straub is one of the leading voices in Europe’s electronic scene. Involved in BURN Residency since 2013, Philipp helped the competition to grow up into something huge, expanded way over Europe’s borders and with a dream prize: a whooping 100K euros investment in the winner’s DJ career and an amazing DJ residency in Ibiza ;)

    So, as we kinda feel the urge to obtain some inside information beyond all the official press releases about BURN Residency 2017, we fired a short burst of questions towards Philipp. Here is what we came up with :)

    1. What’s new this year in the BURN Residency campaign? What’s different than in previous years?

    Its nice for me to see a fresh breeze changing things into a slightly different direction, but the overall aim to support upcoming talent has remained the same. I cannot reveal too much yet, but the activation in Ibiza is a lot different this year. I am excited to see how things will work out and of course feel privileged that I am still part of this remarkable program as Head Mentor.

    2. Everybody is asking what the 100k euros investment contract entails. Can you share any more details?

    There are 3 reasons for the investment contract. First of all we wanted to attract as many talented people as possible to apply. Secondly, this is a significant amount of money to contribute to the winners career, to really make a change for him / her. Thirdly, it was to help attract more responses outside of our industry with support from media. 

    With this investment, individual plans are developed with the winner to define what they need most. A relocation to expand the exposure, studio time, promotion, remixes, photo shoots, travel money for some gigs, etc. We also sign them to an agency / management within the network that BURN has helped create.


    3. Straight to the point: can you name the key ingredient that the application mix needs to have in order to progress to the next stage?

    Originality counts the most as its about standing out from the crowd, but its also about fitting into the box too.The contestants who applied need to help create and generate awareness for themselves and their mix. We call this “self promotion” or “self marketing” and this is also key to success in this competition.      


    4. Can you name one success story you are most fond of from the previous BURN Residency years?

    The winners are doing great. I can’t name just one, but the likes of: Javi Row, Samanta, Lollino, Lea, … they all have their careers and got a boost through winning the program. BOg is a very good example of someone using the program in the best possible way. He improved his productions a lot, he extended his network and his fan base grows constantly. He is about to break through internationally with a lot of exciting things going on in 2017 for him. Also, Marina Karamarko – she was second in 2013, but learned how to make a difference for her career by using the things she learnt, by growing her network and expanding her reach. Same with Charlie don’t Surf, Alex Preda, Alex Ranerro and others! I would like to see many more of the previous finalists become an important member of the future top ranked artists in the long term. Developing a reliable and long existing career takes time so its cool to see how much has happened already in a rather short amount of time.      


    5. From a DJ’s perspective, can you make a living in Ibiza nowadays?

    Of course you can. If you play a lot of bars, restaurants, beach clubs, etc… maybe work with an event series in another position on top, then you can make a living. I know many people doing that. But if you want to play the big slots in Ibiza you first need to make it abroad. Only then you can come back and rock the island as a headliner!

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