Cottam reprezintă definiția perfectă a expresiei true record selector: de la balearic disco edits la cel mai pur techno îndulcit cu puțin downtempo, britanicul știe să danseze orice fel de crowd.

Am fost martori la energia aruncată de britanic la prima ediție BURN x URBN Sessions, petrecută la final de toamnă 2014 într-un dintre cele mai hip magazine din București: URBN Living Store. Am profitat de bunăvoința lui Cottam și l-am luat la întrebări despre muzică și party-uri

First thing first: looking at your discogs page, you gathered quite a nice collection of records with your name on it. You surely have a record label close to your producer heart… which one?
There are quite a few to be honest…. III Rivers, Lobster Theremin, NDATL and a shed load more. Also some artists who need a mention as their records are kind of buy on sight, Joey Anderson, DJ Qu, Omar S, Voiceless, Linkwood…… the list goes on……

What’s your secret studio weapon for your acid signature sound?
I’ve been using the ABL2 and Phoscyon plugging…. Hoping to get a piece of hardware this year to upgrade and get freaky with ;)

You’ve been around for quite some time on the electronic music scene. Where is UK’s house underground heading to?
Who knows…. I’m not really on the button with developments in the scene. I keep my head down and get on with what I like.

Your take on limited vinyl only releases
I think they are good, depending on how limited they are and if I get one before they sell out hahahahahaha…… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against any format or way of selling….. LTD, Vinyl only, No digital, Digital only, Digital coming soon, tape……. Its the music on them I’m interested in…

Your idea of a killer night out
No stairs, great crowd, great music, my good friends, nice brandy then back to someones house for more of the same….


Smallest crowd you played for until now
Myself, or if that doesn’t count the person I force to sit in my front room while I have a session ;) In a club probably about 3……


The Cottam track you choose to end up a memorable night!
Sunrise Sunset