If you happen to dig a little bit deeper around crews, labels and producers who are setting the tone (or the kick, depending on how you look at it), we’re pretty sure you stumbled upon some Pressure Traxx cuts crafted by the likes or Ricardo Villalobos, Suciu or Barac, and a few productions signed by the man behind the aforementioned record label: Arno aka Einzelkind.

Arno is from that kind of artists who can easily use their versatility in the studio to join forces with other producers for memorable sonic collaborations. And these collaborations are based on true friendships, transforming the uncountable hours spent in the studio into enjoyable moments. So we asked Arno to list a few tracks that were born this way, as a proof that you don’t have to be a lonely rider to stay true to your signature sound.

Einzelkind will play this Sunday (25.05.2019) at Half Baked Summer Opening at Studio 9294 London, alongside Petre Inspirescu and Robin Ordell.

Even though making music is a very intimate process and like therapy for me, I really enjoy collaborating with other people. It has to come naturally and usually friendship is first. The project Einzelkind started out with my friend Miguel Ayala so I have always been used to working with other people in the studio and I remember I had to get used to working alone when he left. When you’re in the studio with a friend it’s like having a little party. Music, jokes and drinks. When you’re alone things are different. I love both, and if I can’t go to the studio for a few days I get weird. Over the years I’ve had the chance to work with some amazing people and here are a few of them.

Frost & Einzelkind – Life Electric

w/ Frost – The only guy that I talk to every day. My Pressure Traxx partner in crime and one of the biggest musical mentors and influences. More Pressure More Traxx.

Einzelkind & Giuliano Lomonte – Civil Stretch

w/ Giuliano Lomonte – Giuliano invited me to his birthday party at CDV about ten years ago and we became really close friends. Buongiorno, it’s a family affair.

Arno & Dana Ruh – Echo Cancellation

w/ Dana Ruh – We just got to know each other quite recently but got close really fast. One of the best producers i know and one of my favorite people in the game. Everytime I show up at her studio she shows me 25 new tracks and i’m always left speechless and inspired.

Villalobos & Einzelkind – Arnorac D

w/ Ricardo Villalobos – The one and only. The only guy on that level that cares about music and having a good time with his friends more than anything else.

Implosive Inc. – Slaplock
Rhythm Factory – Buddas Garden

w/ Randy Fox & Robin Scholz – Two of my closest friends and Oberspezis. Randy Fox and Robin Scholz. If the world would be a better place these two would be well known Djs and producers. When I used to live in Frankfurt we would meet every Wednesday enter the studio with 4 litres of Apfelwein and leave with four tracks.

Harlo – Belmondo

w/ Lotte Thor – The most creative and fabulous person I know. Never been with anyone more inspiring. Charno 4 eva!

Hot City Orchestra – The Observatory

w/ Simon Birkenfeld – Simon and me go way back. Paying our dues on the forefront of the Frankfurt Drum’n’Bass scene for more than ten years we still having fun in the studio.

Christian Burkhardt & Einzelkind – Tribal Dance Pt. 2

w/ Christian Burkhardt – Dr. Burkhardt was one of the first guys I worked together with in the studio and we even released an album together 10 years ago.

Einzelkind – Maferefumeco

w/ Miguel Ayala – This is a cut from the beginnings of Einzelkind when it was still two people. I used to get on his nerves every week at the record shop when we both were Drum’n’Bass DJs, and i learned so much from him.