Camelia comes from a place where the sun shines 365 days per year. We talk about Miami; specifically the underground part of Miami, away from the hyper inflated Ultra Music Miami we all know from the influencers’ instagram accounts. An underground where Camelia’s contribution, a minimal house x techy sound dipped into early 2000 prog house influences, has surfaced into releases for RORA, Botanic Minds or Fake Society, a fresh imprint owned by his good friend Cem Ozden.

Long story short, Camelia is headlining the newest Kapture party in Bucharest, Friday the 19th of April at Club Eden, alongside Cem Ozden, Los Bastoneros and Grizzly. We seized this opportunity and tried to picture Camelia’s musical personality. He was kind enough to provide us a short playlist, containing tracks that show his progression with the love of music since his early childhood.