Denis Kaznacheev Selects: 10 Records From My List Of All Time Favourites

    Nervmusic Records has proved itself an outpost for avantgarte electronic music since 2007, the year of its inception. Featuring a wide range of electronic subgenres, echoed in releases signed by the likes of Rhadoo, Ricardo Villalobos, Laurine Frost and Federico Molinari, the Berlin based record label has transformed over years into a mirror for Denis Kaznacheev and Kirill Sillantiev’s eclectic musical tastes. Their studio collaboration, Easy Changes, had a few remarcable outcomes, with releases at ARMA, Sleep Is Commercial, All Inn and, of course, their own Nervmusic.

    Between gigs in Hoppetosse Berlin, Sunwaves, Epizode, Concrete Paris or ARMA17 Moscow, Denis Kaznacheev found time to explore by himself the minimalistic corners of electronic music, with releases on Minibar, Rotate or Aeternum. As we were curious about what is hidden behind the hunger for abstract shapes and sounds, we asked Denis to create a short playlist with some of his all time favourite records. As we expected, a complex musical personality has revealed before our ears, with bits of lo fi hip hop essentials, twisted jazz vibes, genuine undeground hip hop and oddball ambient.














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