Not much to say if one’s DJ career spans over 20 years. John Dimas started as a resident DJ in a tiny bar in Thessaloniki, where he grew up. From here to the big, music savvy crowds crammed inside spots like DC10, Amnesia, Rex Club or Club Guesthouse was a matter of a few, natural steps, guided by his unique way of blending diverse musical influences, from obscure minimal cuts to deeper ones. His eclectic musical taste stands out when we look at John Dimas’ productions efforts, published at established imprints, like Metereze. Apart from his own label, Elephant Moon, which he has used to promote young blood as well as his own music, John Dimas launched SYNQ, where he announced his Rave Wave, set to be released in April 2020.

Yet, there is another side of John Dimas’ musical personality. Secret Universe, his ambient / downtempo side project, will be revived later this year through a new release and a liveset. He was kind enough to invite us into his Secret Universe, with an amazing track selection you can find below.

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I have an ambient / downtempo project called Secret Universe, which I started in 2015, releasing a debut album in 2016. I’m in the process of finishing the second, have some DJ dates forthcoming later in 2020, and I’m considering turning it into a live set. Below you can find a selection of tracks that I’m playing and recording as Secret Universe

John Dimas