It’s not all about the artists behind the decks, but it should be more about the people on the dancefloor, the real source of the energy that drives the undergroud club culture.

If you ever feel nostalgic about the Ibiza grooves and madness, you should follow Nacho Capella on instagram. Deeply involved in the Ibiza club scene for the past 25 years, Nacho is living a dream life, dancing between his jobs as a promoter for Pyramid Ibiza or as PR Manager for the famous Mute Argentina. Nacho is also behind Real Ricadistas, a community of electronic music aficionados who happen to be in love with the amazing vibes sent by Ricardo Villalobos and his music. You can easily spot him in the DJ booths of the hottest underground outposts, capturing memories for his fellow artists. Just follow his super colorful caps :)

Being a fine connaiseur of the club scene for such a long time, we had to ask him what are the grooves that made him dance so far in 2024 and he came up with this amazing short list.

Humanoid – Sim-ptom

Rendez-vous sur la Costa Del Sol

Priku & Dinu – Atipic Session 001

Startrek – Energy (B2)

A.M.Q.N. – Natura