Have you ever tried to dig after records while blind folded? Or just combine the passion of crate digging with the surprise factor with the innocent pleasure of unwrapping a gift?

Yeah, we know the feeling and we know you want a taste of it. For this xMas, we joined forces with our friends from Misbits Record Shop to bring you an amazing Mystery Box. It contains handpicked records with nothing more than bangers on any side you’re playing. A couple of iresistible garage vibes, some classic deep house cuts crafted by well known producers from the 90s’ and, of course, two promo records from ourown.ro’s vault, featuring the essence of Romanian flavoured house music (hint: does Liniar / Motif ring a bell?)

This 4 records pack costs only 150 lei (around 30 euros), excluding shipping fees. Only one available, so hurry up and claim it by dropping us an email here with “I want the Mystery Box” in the subject line ;)