With all the sexist commentaries from some of its crew members and the edgy tones of electronic music it has proposed over the years, it’s no wonder that Giegling has built up its reputation on controversies.

Map.ache, Kann Record’s chief (well, one third of the management, as he partnered up with Sevensol and Bender) takes on Giegling’s appetite for emotions found in darker environments with Von Ende Bis Zum Anfang, his second LP.

Spread on three records, the album goes far beyond the club feeling straight on your couch, the one you enjoy melting your bones as the window shades are blocking the sunlight you’re usually trying to avoid on a Sunday afternoon club aftermath. Piano strings. Chords disolved into distorted reverbs. Chuck Robert’s famous In The Beginning There Was Jack speech entangled in a beatless continuum. Space loops pitched down to a twisted electronic requiem. A thick blue atmosphere you usually find in Lars Von Trier’s creepy movies. You’ll get a glimpse of the album’s vibe just by listening to the track below ;)

As the title explains it, there’s an end and a beginning. Where does it start or where does it finish, it’s up to you to decide as every time you’ll listen to Map.Ache’s Von Ende Bis Zum Anfang, you’ll rediscover it again and again :)

Map.Ache – Von Ende Bis Zum Anfang is still available at Misbits Record Shop, you can order your copy by following this link