“When I think of House Music, I don’t think of one song, I think of many. I grew up in a “House” and a house is a Home with many “Rooms”. This is what makes House music the most unique form of music. Think on this: every room in your “House” makes you feel different and produces many of Moods. So, when I think of “House Music” I think of different emotions and vibes. This is the one thing that makes me feel super special: to have the honor to stand before the people and connect with the emotions  that they feel inside. Someone once said that “house is a Feeling” I agree, but I also feel that “House” is a place with many Rooms. By the way, This House is where I Live.”

Truly inspiring through Prescription Records. Essential through his timeless productions. Dedicated to his passion for house music. This is Chez Damier, an artist that had managed to change my perception about house music after a really short talk