D. Zlatinov aka Loopdeville spent 6 years in London, searching for the perfect groove through his own Delooped Records. And this mission shaped his own sound: subtle groove driven by simple and masculine basslines, so powerful that you’d finally understand where all the afterhours energy is coming from!

Find out the state of underground house music or the reasons he’s running an independent vinyl only label and hit the play button on his Introspections mix: his very own productions mixed up in 1 outstanding hour of straight to the point house & techno with this alien groove we really can’t get enough of it!


How much influence has the London underground put in your work?

This city was the place where I matured musically. Also where we started everything with my partner G.Panchev…from the shows on illegal radio stations to Delooped Records.

Why London for headquarters?

It just happened. Life brought me here for a reason, I guess.

What’s cooking in Loopdeville’s secret studio?

The main thing coming in 2015 will be my Delooped release. I have another release with my good friends from OdD, then with my bratushkas (brothers) from Body Parts and also 2 remixes on digi and vinyl.

The so-much hyped romanian groove: how much hype, how much groove?

Hype is a good thing: it creates styles, artists, movements.

Everybody is talking about the vinyl comeback in terms of sales and buzz. How does this feel from your side (as a label)?

We are still not a big label with many releases behind our back. We’re heading that way though and all I can say really is that we are lucky to run a label in times where vinyl is once again highly appreciated, from DJs to record collectors. 

The no repress policy means huge prices on discogs on some records and limited availability for lots of DJs. How do you feel about that?

I feel good about it. When I was a young DJ I was mad that I can’t get hold of the music I liked and wanted but I can see now that it actually helped me a lot. Think about it…

What are the main obstacles in running an independent vinyl label?

I have a lot to say about that for the short period of time running Delooped with my partner but I think the main obstacle would be guarding the music you are releasing from being spread around the interweb.

Is it worth the effort?

Oh yes big time. Georgi and I are happy that the Delooped music is on demand because it’s been all building up in the last 10 years for me and him.

As people trying to work their way around on the underground house music scene, what should we do to make it better?

To support! It’s simple… money make the parties we love to visit, money make the records we like to play, money buy the studio gear. Support your fav artists and pay the entrance fees at the parties so DJs, producers and promoters can keep on doing what they’re doing so good ;)

The highlight of 2014 for you

Each release, each private message from someone on soundcloud or facebook who likes my beats and of course hitting the No. 1 spot with Delooped on Juno & Decks for the second time since we started the label. 

What mark do you intend to leave on Planet Earth with Delooped Records?

I’d like us to be the kind of label where youngsters one day will find our music on discogs and youtube and say : ‘wow! These guys release serious electronic music!’ Just like I do, finding more and more old labels that created the scene through quality releases. It ain’t about the sleeve, it’s about what’s inside.

How will it all end? :)

Forever young ☺