It’s not about the destination, it’s the journey that makes you feel alive. Every time we had the opportunity to listen to John Dimas, the artist so in love with the house & techno underground that he has chosen to trade his always sunny hometown, Thesaloniki with the colder Berlin, we were embarked in a journey that seamlessly crossed the electronic genres and made us feel alive on the dancefloor. You can even taste this vibe with his debut album One Against Time (LP3x12”) due to be released in mid-February via his own Elephant Moon imprint.

So, what’s hidden deep inside John Dimas’ record collection? Time to find out!

You can connect with John Dimas on facebook, twitter and soundcloud

A second hand dig I’m most proud of

Sideral – Sideral (Klang)

I found this great record in a secondhand store in Athens 2 years ago for €1. It’s a record with different styles on it. I got it for its downtempo side but at the moment I play the techno side. Currently on discogs the price is €100!

The record I’d love to see it repressed

Gemini – Get Down (Tinted)

This has been in my want list for the last 6 years but I never had the chance to get a copy at a decent price, but hopefully one day will get a repress.

The label I’d buy all their releases without even listening to them

Cabinet Records

I’ve been collecting most of their records since they started back in the day, and still buying every new release without even needing to listen first.

The record artwork that blows my mind every time I look at it

Convenxtion – 2845 (a.r.t.less)

Space, spaceships, planets — all my thing. I’m in love with this album and its artwork.

The record that triggers childhood memories

Boards of Canada – Music Has The Right To Children (warp)

I bought this record in 2000 and is one of the first non-dance records I ever bought and I still love it as much as I did that day. I have done many trips with it and every time it triggers many memories from both my past and also my future :)

The record shop I would spend my whole savings in

A1 Record Shop in New York

I went for the first time last year when I played in NYC and I wish I’d had more time and money to spend there. The collection is huge with all kinds of styles. I’m going back soon actually and this time I’ll do it right!

The record that never leaves my DJ bag

Synchrojack – Cash Machines (ferox)

It’s been in my bag since the day i bought it. It’s simple and I love it. It’s the style of techno and house I’m producing myself.

Last record I checked its price on discogs

AFX – LONDON 3-6-2017 (warp records)

I wanted to go and see Aphex Twin in London that day, but unfortunately I had to play somewhere and missed his live show and of course it’s special that he just released for that day, and was sold at the festival. Hopefully one day will get my hands on it :)

Last record I bought for my home listening pleasure

Carbon Based Lifeforms – Interloper (ultimae records)

After the weekends when I don’t make any music or I’m not listening to dance music, I relax with ambient and downtempo. It’s how I get inspired for my other project Secret Universe. This is a really good album that was released in 2010.

The record closest to my heart from my entire collection

Schatrax – Keep On Loving

I started buying his records in when I found out about him in 2000, I have most of the numbers he released, and this is a track that’s included in the #9 of his Schatrax series. It’s one of my favourites in my collection and has also never left my record bag :)