After 7 straight days of dancing at the Sunwaves stages, there’s not much left into our serotonine depleted brains but a continuous 4/4 kick somwhere in the background. It’s now time to face reality again, in a world that doesn’t really care about our post-party depression.

To make this transition as smooth as it can be, we selected 4 mixes containing all sorts of music genres:


A weird electronic trip filled with experimental micro house and ambient strips by Jan Jelinek


A soothing dreamset covered in love with tracks from Barry White, Black Ivory or Hot Chocolate put together by BeatPete


A recipe for huevos rancheros that comes assorted with an oddball salad mix of music genres prepared by Oskar Offermann


Last but not least, an ambient mix with the sounds of the Universe that would make a great sleep companion for those recorvery nights.